Accountability & Personalized, Travis Hill, Rochester, And A Land Rush! More…

A few years ago at Bellwether we took a look at the tensions between grade level anchored accountability structures and the emerging personalized learning sector. It’s a discussion and debate that’s ongoing mostly behind the scenes but there was an interesting session about it at this year’s New Schools Summit. It’s complicated because of equity considerations and policy design but seems like there is an issue here. Here’s another perspective from Shalinee Sharma of Zearn and Rebecca Kockler of LAUSD.

Charter authorizing has been around for a while now and it has evolved in various ways. Yet it’s still pretty misunderstood. Here is NACSA with an explainer and a look at the promise.

Seems like there are some problems in Rochester.

New Orleans’ Travis Hill school profile.

Bridgespan on rural commonalities around success. Cambridge International with a 20k global student survey. Interesting results, check out the tutoring numbers globally.

Here’s a debate on the “success sequence” via Johns Hopkins.

Hunting curriculum. Not hunting for curriculum…

ClassDojo doing more outside of school.

On the proposed Title IX guidance here, via 74, is a good look at the differences between how it would work in K-12 and higher ed.

There is a Northern Virginia land rush happening with Virginia colleges and universities.

Your kids will experience Yellowstone differently than you did.

Zane Campbell.