The Big Fail In Gotham, Schmitz On GA, Nevertheless, WA Charters, Janus Hitting, Southern Races, Harvard’s Options, Common App For The Win…More!

Kirsten Schmitz on Georgia’s teacher pension system. Spoiler alert: Not a great retirement scheme!

This Times story is at one level not shocking – people knew this was the deal – but also shocking in terms of just how blasé too many people are about using kids as pawns in a political fight. For all the talk about conservative privatizers and whatever, it’s these stunts that do more to undercut public schools than anything the most strident critics can cook up. Public ed’s biggest problem isn’t its opponents – it’s its friends.

This Nevertheless podcast is terrific and this episode is really powerful.

Can Harvard maintain racial diversity absent its current approach?

Southern Education Foundation has candidate comparisons for gubernatorial races in southern states.

Janus impact: NEA loses 17K members and 87K fee payers.

Washington State charters win at the state supreme court. Still plenty of work to do but Bruno Manno on how some charters are making strides on college going and completion. 

Bold Common App essay.