Reading! Or Not. Cargo Cults, Common Core, Teacher Eval, More!

It seems like every few years some curious person in the media takes a look at why reading instruction is such a trainwreck, realizes it’s because the gap between research and practice is yawning, and then writes that up. Here’s the latest version, worth checking out.

Still, it’s important to remember that while this is a problem, amazingly we still have something of a partisan approach to reading lurking just under the surface, the field is allergic to science, etc…remarkably there has also been a lot of progress made. So sure, could be a lot better and needs to be, but has been a lot worse.

Here’s an attack on SGPs, “student growth percentiles.” They are not what a lot of people think, that’s for sure.

Here’s an attack on Education Cargo Cults. A title like this one that will get me to read every time. Well worth checking out.

Marc Tucker on the efforts to redefine NAEP standards.

RAND on what’s changing (and not) in classrooms in the Common Core era.

What’s up on teacher eval in LAUSD?

Drive By Truckers at the Capitol Theater. Today in school finance. Also, teachers, check this out: