Janus Part Deux! 21st Century Skills, Chu, Mead, GLSEN Data, Accountability Games, More!

Sara Mead on what it takes to build a profession – more than saying so – and what that means for early ed.

We’ve talked before about the next round of litigation coming post-Janus. It’s starting. The retroactive dues case seems hard to square – if you can’t operate under an existing Supreme Court precedent on something, even one some justices have signaled they’d like to overturn, then what rules exactly should you use? A lot of legal experts say it’s a long shot but one union lawyer I know said they were quite concerned the retroactive cases could prevail. And the unions seem concerned about it, too, because they’ve been trying to settle some of these as one-offs.

Speaking of legal experts, they seem skeptical on the exclusive representation argument. I’m not a lawyer, though I’ve taken just enough con law and ed law to be dangerous, and I don’t get why this wouldn’t be a winnable case. If five justices found a free speech right to overturn agency fees it seems more than plausible this court can find a free association rationale around exclusive representation doesn’t it?

A lot of people have warned – for instance here’s a warning from the AFT – that teaching “21st Century Skills or for that matter 3rd Century BC skills is a bigger challenge that most of the boosters allow. This new paper from CRPE gets at that and has some ideas for how to do better.

Annual GLSEN data about school climate for LGBT students.

Here is someone with some fortitude or a lot of time on their hands to dig through all the games about school accountability ratings. The case here is VA, but it applies in many states and is one reason a lot of people support letter grades even with all the problems a simplified system can’t account for.

Dale Chu on big system leadership.

Student with ADHD launches company – with revenue – to help others.

Crowd sourced work or micro tasks are going to become a feature in the education world, too. Here’s some generalized data and challenges.

This report couldn’t have a sleepier title but it’s an interesting look at knowledge sharing globally in education.

#25 talks race, hockey, and kids.

Glen Campbell.