Friday Fish Pics: Student Art

Pennsylvania’s Charles Zogby was at an art fair at an Erie high school when he saw this gem by Reilly Yonkers, a senior at Erie’s NW PA Collegiate Academy.

Fearing that it is as close as he’ll ever come to being featured with a fish on Eduwonk he snapped it up, and you can imagine how delighted I was when it showed up bubble wrapped in Bellwether’s DC office.

I believe this is the first fish art we’ve ever featured, and Reilly’s creation really is a lovely piece I feel fortunate to have. If you want lots of pictures of education people with actual fish (though not Charles) click here and here.

2 Replies to “Friday Fish Pics: Student Art”

  1. Thank you for highlighting the ceramic fish that Reilly formed. It is a privilege to have on of our Collegiate Academy student’s art work recognized.
    Thank You, Kim Leasure

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