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Chad Aldeman on the trouble with vesting periods when it comes to retirement saving – and what that means for teachers.

Here’s a deep dive on teacher pensions in Arkansas. Also, Chad Aldeman on how in the bizarro world of pension politics politicians sometimes pushback on their own plan’s assumptions creating a hall of mirrors policymaking environment. 

Hailly Korman on the lack of data on educating adjudicated students.

The FBI is starting to pay more attention to data privacy issues in K-12. It’s a real issue that warrants attention. But here’s an awkward reality: Despite the hacks, your data is probably safer with high quality education vendors, to the extent they retain it during use, than it is with local school districts – that have notoriously poor IT security capacity. Everyone should do better but some perspective is important here.

Peter Groff lays out a map for a 21st Century school system. The NAACP is still walking through a political minefield on charters. 

For the last several years theaters unions, especially the AFT, have sought to politicize teachers pension funds. It always seemed like a risky strategy and now conservatives have picked up the fight.

We’ve talked some about why you should expect some second wave litigation after the Janus ruling as it’s implemented in different places. Here’s an example of why.

People are apparently surprised that education data is often not reliable. I thought this was sort of common knowledge, along with culture and a lack of common definitions it seems like one of the big barriers to this idea that we’re going to “moneyball” education.

Alarming statistics on suicide and transgender youth.

REM: First We Take Manhattan

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