Jersey, Mass, And VA, Plus Will Marshall’s Advice, And You Should Be Listening To Peter Cunningham’s Daughter. More…

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Don’t miss Cory Booker on Newark ed reform. It’s an interesting take and some new positioning as he’s arguing for success that the common narrative overlooks (and the evidence supports). But, look under the headline. I didn’t know it was all dudes doing Newark reform, but I must be misremembering…

Elsewhere in the Garden State…

Pretty efficient take on DC schools and the two ideas a lot of people seem to have trouble balancing – improving but hardly there yet.

Good check in on the ever evolving conception of student rights.

Rick Hess on Betsy DeVos:  ““She’s certainly not a very effective lobbyist” for her cause…”

From Mass, a look at Janus impact. Two big takeaways, it’s early and look for litigation.

Virginia’s got some serious educational inequities. The commonwealth has also walked back educational accountability for a decade – and yet people are still wondering why achievement results are disappointing. 

Will Marshall, with some advice with eduimplications:

“Go West, young man,” New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley famously urged soldiers coming home from the Civil War and wondering what to do with the rest of their lives. In that spirit, here’s my politically corrected advice to millennials who want to change the world: “Go local, young gender-unspecified person.”

Don’t look to Washington to remake American society from the top down.  And don’t assume that real political change can only come through massive expansions of federal power.

Peter Cunningham’s daughter Sima is in a band and they’re on tour right now – and well worth checking out.