Friday Fish Pics: Take A Kid Fishing, Kid Fish Stories, One Of Edu’s Great Athletes…

Here’s David DeSchryver of Whiteboard Advisors with some fantastic fish pics from a day of fishing on Lake George in the Adirondacks late this summer.

David’s one of the savviest analysts of ed policy around and also a very good cyclist, which is unusual because he’s also a fantastic triathlete.

Big smiles are a good reason why it’s a blast to take a kid fishing.

True fish story: We were camping in the Adirondacks and one of my daughters, who was about 5 at the time, was really into the idea of catching a fish and eating it. My wife and I less so, not because we don’t catch and kill some species sometimes, but because most of the fish there are not great eating. So we told her they had to be at least as long as her arm to be worth eating, thinking that was a clever cover story to get us out the jam. She went back to fishing hard, and, as luck would have it, her little yellow rod with the Zebeco-style reel starting peeling off line with a shriek about 20 minutes later. After a long battle with her backing up to put pressure on the fish because it was too much for that little reel, she brought in one of the biggest smallmouth bass I’ve ever seen brought to hand. The kind you measure in pounds not inches. Lesson learned.

Want more pictures of kids with fish – lots here. And hundreds of pics of education types with fish here.