Burn Camp

One of the perks of my job is that I get to work on some pretty interesting and cool projects and get to learn all the time. But now and then one is particularly special and this package coming from The 74 today is one of those.

Emmeline Zhao and I spent time this summer at the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp, which is a camp for burn survivors in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s a magical place, incredible adults and kids driving toward a shared goal. And it’s hard to describe, but Emmeline and I tried to do just that.

We have video, I wrote about the camp, and pictures. You can see it all via this link. Video embedded below.

A raptor expert from the U.S. Forest Service is explaining to a group of summer campers how the birds she cares for are stronger than their wild counterparts because of various injuries they have overcome. It’s a subtle point that might sail over the heads of a lot of people, especially while they are focused on a majestic bald eagle perched on her arm just 10 feet away — so close it blows their hair back when it moves its powerful wings.

Yet these kids get it immediately…

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