Non-China Midweek Bonus Post

A few wonky tidbits until you return to regularly scheduled USA programming:

Stacy Childress and James Atwood on what they’re learning at NSVF.  Can you guess: what are they learning about growth mindset, and how does it relate to this?  
Matt Kraft and David Blazar on teacher coaching.  Can you guess: what did they find?  (Hint: pertains to scale)
David James taking a shot at professor coaching.  Much needed!  
Jon Baron is all over that scale/evidence question.  Can you guess: what does Jon call the 800 pound gorilla?  
Tom Vander Ark looks at Bridge (disclosure: worked there, love ‘em) for his book, Better Together.  What does he find about scale?  
Patrick Wolf et al with Do Test Scores Really Matter   Must-read.  Pro tip in the tables: ELA gains and high school grad rates modestly predict college grad rates, but math gains didn’t.  CMO problem: much better at math gains than ELA gains.  Hmm.  
What’s an under-used outcome measure?  Net Promoter Score!  Gets at what “customers” really think.  Two great organizations just today shared their NPS: Matt Kramer at Wildflower Montessori micro schools, and Jessica Kiessel at Omidyar Network (grantmaking).  More please!
Guestblogger Mike Goldstein