Coming Attractions! Goldstein’s Gonna Go Wild, Aldeman On Inequality, Phil On Buses, More…

I’m off to Massachusetts for the Pan Mass Challenge, an annual fundraiser that is always a highlight of my summer. I ride 192 miles from Sturbridge to Provincetown and raise funds to support the tremendous and life changing work at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. And then I’m taking a break from the blog for a few weeks.

While I’m gone, Mike Goldstein will be here for a week to go wild. That’s a mostly annual tradition I really enjoy and a lot of readers do, too.

And the second week you will hear from leadership and a principal and a student involved with AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a non-profit, college readiness system that works to close the opportunity and achievement gaps facing students today. AVID is implemented in over 6,000 schools – training 70,000+ teachers and impacting nearly 2 million students each year. 

ICYMI I talked with Brian Jones about a range of things related to education and life.

Chad Aldeman on income inequality and defined benefit plans. Phil Burgoyne-Allen on why making school buses safer is only part of what policymakers should be looking at.

Paul Reville (disclosure, a wonderful and thoughtful voice on the Bellwether board) lays out the argument for the teachers unions to use Janus to pivot to a kids-first agenda. It’s a solid strategy idea that would serve them and the field well. But, while I suspect you’ll see glimpses of this in various places it’s going to be very hard for organizations that can’t embrace parent choice, consequential accountability, or really any policy that is adverse to their membership embracing an agenda like this. That’s the structural box the teachers unions are in as the face a post-Janus world.

Culturally rich schools via chartering in Native American communities.

George Will on Marshall Tuck.

LeBron James is starting a school. More about it here.

Also this Chad Aldis push on virtual schools is interesting.

Super Pooper update.

Stay tuned for this later in the summer when we finish the work: