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All week Bellwether has been talking education human cap issues. Most recently: Kirsten Schmitz on how we’re flying blind on superintendent data. Melissa King on toxic stress and teacher training. Justin Trinidad on diversity and teacher residencies. And Lina Bankert on the teacher training pipeline – cool graphic too!

Some gun news here related to the Department of Education and a buried lede about the scope of the safety commission’s work.

Marc Tucker on Arne Duncan.

CAP takes a look at what some large school districts are doing with curriculum. Good temp check.

Grad school and practical skills. This is true for undergrads as well, the kind of writing they are generally rewarded for is not the kind that helps you get a job that requires writing.

DOJ wading into the Harvard affirmative action case. And likely action on a change to Title IX sexual assault rules.

Letter of the day:

Dong Hyun Kang
Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do
16505, Republic of Korea
27 August 2018
Will Fitzhugh
The Concord Review
730 Boston Post Road, Suite 24

Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776 USA

Dear Mr. Fitzhugh,
This is Dong Hyun Kang, who received an Emerson Prize for the history paper, “Creation of Hangul” a few months back.
It is really my honor and pleasure to get such a positive evaluation from a highly respected institution like yours.
I would like to inform you that I have received your check for $1,000 as well. After thinking about how I should spend the money, I have ultimately decided to donate it to The Concord Review.
While I fully understand that you have intended the money to be used for my purpose, I would like to contribute to helping inspire other high school historians to academic excellence, which is the very goal of The Concord Review.
My experience of writing “Creation of Hangul” by itself has been very rewarding, for it has allowed me to attain a new level of sophisticated thinking regrading critical analysis and synthesis of historical events and phenomena.
Once again, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the uniquely high distinction you have accorded me.
Dong Hyun Kang
[Seoul International School Class of 2018
Oxford University, 2021]

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  1. Wow that letter was so nice and so inspiring. Doing what you love to do and be rewarded for it gives a person a satisfying feeling. And being able to share it to others is such a selfless thing to do. I hope more students will be inspired by Dong Hyun Kang.

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