The Case Of The Wage Gap, Plus Florida, Illinois, Music, Fish, Scarcity, And Chris Stewart…Dash’s Math And Betsy’s Boat…More…

Evan Coughenour on strategy to execution. Max Marchitello continues to round up and eliminate the usual suspects on the pay gaps in Illinois.

I reviewed a Tedeschi Trucks, Drive By Truckers, and Marcus King Band show for GratefulEd. And Jason Weeby took a kid – his kid – fishing.

Gregory McGinity notes that rather than fight over too few good schools, a city like New York could open new ones. It’s an important point and it’s hard to miss how the fight over New York’s competitive admission high schools might look different absent the backdrop of scarcity or taking scarcity as fixed rather than variable.

Smart analysis of teachers union demographics post-Janus.

Today in pensions and perverse incentives.

Doug Tuthill on Florida.

Today in local control.

Since there seems to be only one for-profit company or assessment company anyone pays attention to, here’s some earnings news from Pearson.

Chris Stewart:

I disagree and find the idea that poor kids with parents who aren’t white and college educated ensure a school cannot have passing test scores insulting, racist, classist, and in breach of anything approximating progressivism.

Incredibles Math. When you have this many yachts something is bound to happen to one of them.