Pensions, Pride, Fragmented Students, And More From Bellwether. Plus Janus Fallout, Ed Debates, Books Behind Bars, More!

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From Bellwether:

Education fragmentation is a big problem for a lot of students – especially those most at-risk. In a new Bellwether report Hailly Korman and Justin Trinidad look at how technology can help mitigate some of the problems.

Hailly Korman talks with Nick Melvoin about reforms to forced placement in Los Angeles.

Late to these because I’ve been away but here’s Bellwether’s Justin Boratto on being an out teacher and Bellwether’s Jeremy Knight on coming out as a high school student.

One of the most common pension related searches on Google is simply, how do I calculate my pension? Except it’s not simple. Max Marchitello unpacks how it works.

Washington Post checks in with Andrew Kauffman’s “Books Behind Bars” UVA class that teaches with Tolstoy in a Virginia prison. Here’s a trailer from Chris Farina’s new film about the class. Bellwether hosted a screening for the film a few months ago.


TEACH Grant problems persist, now it’s DeVos’ fault.  Dale Chu says local collective bargaining agreements are going to temper the Janus impact. Good look at the stakes in the selective high school exam debate in New York City. This story about an Oregon student caught up in anti-violence effort at his school is crazy.

Conservative activists are setting their sights on competency-based education models. Echoes of school to work debate…

Teachers and feedback.

Anti-Janus conservatives will burn in hell says union leader.

This bear knows how to have a good time.