Edujob: Data Analysis Manager @ E.L. Haynes Public Charter School

Here’s a fun edujob at a Washington, D.C. charter school: Data Analysis Manager at E.L. Haynes.

From the JD:

A key component to E.L. Haynes’s success will be its ability to objectively reflect on its efforts and find ways to improve its practices. By building systems that support E.L. Haynes leaders in using data to inform their decisions, the data team plays a central role in helping E.L. Haynes achieve its mission.  The Data Analysis Manager, along with the Director of Data Systems and the Strategy and Policy Manager comprise the data team.  As part of the broader academic team, the Data Analysis Manager will analyze data and communicate actionable insights to the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Academic Officer, school principals, school administrators, and teachers.  The Data Analysis Manager will also work directly with staff to develop their data analysis and interpretation skills.

Scroll down this page to see the listing (and other open roles at Haynes).