Are Teacher Training Programs Widgets? EduMom, Cerf On Janus, Chicago, LA, And More…

Are teacher training programs interchangeable widgets? Ashley LiBetti and Chad Aldeman go deeper on that question. 

Hailly Korman on gaps in services for adjudicated youth.

Federal judge rules that literacy not a fundamental right.

Chris Cerf on Janus and what’s next.

From Mass, Jonas on Edumom.

This is an interesting analysis, but sort of bad news for political traction for education reform because its a strategy that pays dividends over decades while people vote in the present.

On that note, Mike Petrilli has some ideas where education reform should go.

Diversity struggles at prestigious TJ in Northern VA.

RAND takes a look at reform in LA. And Governing takes a look at Chicago. 

I’m With Her.

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