Teacher Residencies, New Innovation Prize, Sonja Santelises, Special Ed, Fish, The Only Man Jerry Lee Would Still Call Sir…More…

Here’s Ashley LiBetti and Justin Trinidad with an important  look at teacher residences surfacing some important issues and questions to consider when thinking about that approach to teacher preparation. Here’s more.

Scroll down for a lot of edujobs and a lot of fish porn.

Comings and goings. Tom Boasberg is leaving in Denver and Jim Blew is formally confirmed by the Senate to lead policy operations for Betsy DeVos at ED.

New prize for innovative ideas to help low-income youth access and complete college and vocational programs. 

Fordham revisits reading and writing instruction in the Common Core era.

This is an important piece from your future Secretary of Education.

Checking in with a past one – Margaret Spellings.

CRPE analysts take a look at how WA State charters are serving special education students. And parents can be on the other side, too.

On edu ideas, Sandy Kress has a list.

Janus fallout.

Erica Green volunteered in a Maryland newsroom to help the shorthanded paper there in the wake of the recent shooting.

Carl Perkins Cadillac.

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