Social Security And Social Security And Teachers

Here’s a funny thing. In D.C. these days everyone dresses like it’s Dawson City – seriously, my office is in a historic African-American neighborhood but come happy hour you’d swear you were in a logging camp (albeit one with a healthy contingent of yogis). There is even a place you can throw axes for fun. But old habits die hard, and Washington still mostly governs like Gucci Gulch.

A great example is the debate over Social Security’s retirement age, where white collar professionals breezily discuss raising the retirement age as though it’s no big deal. And for many it’s not, but if you work on your feet all day or in a physically demanding job it’s a different story.

I take a look at that in The Hill and look at some of the options, including my favored one, to address the problem.

Also, worth noting – though not the focus of the article – 40 percent of teachers are not covered by Social Security. You can learn more about that problem here. 

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