Jobs And Fit, School Violence, Adjudicated Youth, Gender And NYC Schools, Embeds, More!

A few years ago I talked about job fit – using hockey coach Bruce Boudreau as the example – and how we don’t think about that enough in education. This week Chad Aldeman and Kaitlin Pennington talked with Mathematica’s Steven Glazer about the same thing, but NBA this time!

In The 74 I looked at how a boozy bender of all things is a good example for kids.

One school’s experience with MS-13.

High school in an adult jail. Powerful journalism. Audio version here.

Deep dive with Laurene Powell Jobs.

The gender angle on the NYC school debate.

This case of the teacher who claims they shouldn’t have to call transgender students by their chosen name is kind of odd. Within reason shouldn’t you just call any student by the name they prefer to be called? If you’re not good with that do you really want to be working with young people in the first place?

This isn’t Cameron Crowe embedding himself in a high school but it is still a really interesting take on work today and the practical implications of what’s being discussed about higher ed, skills, jobs.

A lot of chatter about this Max Eden article on an in-school death and what lessons it holds for the debate about discipline in school.

Susan Tedeschi, Angel From Montgomery and Sugaree.

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