Janus Speculation, HEA Reviews, Scaring The Kids, School Choice Support Spreads in DC, Kress, Girls & Deseg, More!

Kirsten Schmitz on one path forward on pension reform.

School choice support spreading like wildfire in D.C.

This is indefensible.  Especially when there are so many things schools can do to improve safety that don’t involve terrifying kids.

Mike Antonucci on a mind-bender….what if the unions win the Janus case? OK, let’s be clear this is pretty unlikely. After the death of Justice Scalia the court split 4-4 and upheld the existing precedent. Taking the case again means something is up otherwise it’s a waste of everyone’s time. And it’s hard to see Justice Gorsuch, Scalia’s replacement on the bench, siding with the unions. The recent Epic case, handed down earlier this month, hardly gave them reason for hope.

That said, read Antonucci. A lot of conversations I hear go one of two ways. First, this will be like a light switch and it will be lights out. And, second, it’s just a yes/no kind of case. But that’s not how it will probably happen. There is a lot of play in the joints and a decision could be more or less sweeping and result in more or less secondary litigation and legislation in the states. So while I, and most observers, expect the unions to lose what exactly the landscape looks like going forward will be interesting and somewhat unpredictable. And how exactly the case comes down is, too.

Look for a big deck from Bellwether on that next week mapping the history, landscape, arguments, and possibilities here.

Girls and desegregation.

You know who doesn’t like the House HEA bill? Ben Miller!

Sandy Kress, offedu but with a lot of edu-relevance.

This is really quite a bear story.

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