News From Bellwether, Higher Ed Happenings, Dog Ate DeVos’ Homework? Again? Lake And Hill, Schmitz, Aldeman, More!

News from Bellwether. 

Chad Aldeman on Colorado’s pension reforms and why they are not great news for teachers. And Chad takes a look at the compensation paradox for teachers, salaries flat but total comp rising.

Kirsten Schmitz on pensions and retirement.

This news from 74 is a signal of the kind of changes Janus may bring. The NEA anticipating membership losses of 300k and cutting $50 million from their budget to get ready.

Today in Betsy DeVos: This is pretty inexcusable. First off, not surprising you’re likely to get a question about it. Second, well there is no second. Unbelievable.

Whiteboard Advisors puts out a weekly round-up of education industry news and happenings, you can subscribe for free to get the unabridged version.

Robin Lake & Paul Hill on protecting students or protecting institutions, not a fully binary choice but some hard issues bound up in that.

Higher ed:

Free speech debate at UVA and free speech lawsuits at Michigan.

New PPI report from Anne Kim on ways of linking the financing of higher education to results.

And Glenn Reynolds calls for curtailing the Ivies.

Watch kangaroos jump a guy to get carrots.

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