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The backloaded nature of teacher pensions makes it hard for teachers to achieve retirement security.

Charlie Barone says yes, and, on the Dems teacher pay proposal.

David Leonhardt on Chad Aldeman.

Plyler v. Doe backstory and context.

Black women have been a key Democratic voting bloc for some time – it’s not new. But, something new is happening this year that might have education implications.

Worth asking, is society today better off with this man in prison or tutoring GED candidates?

UNCF & Koch.

Interesting new study on the D.C. voucher program from IES. The usual back and forth because it showed negative effects for voucher students in math. It’s worth considering that other parts of the DC school scene are stronger now – in particular the city’s charters – that may be impacting the results. One take on that from the study’s author here.

There is a data access issue, that comes up in various ways and vexes researchers, buried in the latest legal wrangling on loan forgiveness for students scammed by for-profit colleges.

Periodic reminder that there are lots of ways federal dollars fund school construction even though it’s “not the federal role…” Imagine if we could get past the politics and really have a robust federal infrastructure role in schools…say regional infrastructure banks or creative financing strategies.

Fensterwald on Tuck’s plans for California schools. 

More on the WeWork – MissonU deal.

Further evidence moving straight into the workforce from school is not a good idea.

New blog from Wallace Foundation.

Guy Davis “Walk On.” You can see him up close Friday night in Arlington, VA.

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