Guns And Schools, School Safety, Parkland Discipline And More! Plus – Are The Strikes Overplaying Their Hand, No Roadshow For Impact, More!

Bonnie O’Keefe and Aara Johnson in the MinnPost on multilingual ed.

In The 74 Drew Pache and I look at school safety and what schools can do to to improve security without terrifying kids or turning schools into bunkers.

Not a lot of enthusiasm for arming teachers. Revisiting the 1982 Lake Braddock school shooter episode in Virginia.

From Florida it turns out the Parkland shooter was involved in a controversial discipline program. School district shared that news over the weekend.

Millionaire secretary leaving a fortune to help students.

We’ve talked about how the teacher strikes are a pretty smart political strategy – until they overplay their hand. Rick Hess thinks that’s happening.

Trump – DeVos creating political headwinds for school choice but not as dramatic as some feared.

But in Ohio the Republican Party’s fealty to ECOT, a set of schools with some serious deficiencies might do them in reports 74.

Great moments in school leadership. This is unusual, most sup’ts don’t actually behave like their s**t doesn’t’ stink. Great moments in PTA work.

The rhetoric about IMPACT in DC is at odds with the evidence in a bunch of ways (look for something on that from Bellwether later this week). But that rhetoric keeps the idea from traveling. Jason Kamras says it’s not coming to Richmond. 

I don’t trust “Project Veritas” as far as I can throw them given their past work (and if they’re journalists then it means I’m an astronaut because I have some space memorabilia in my home office), but regardless of all that, this is still not a good look and can’t just be shrugged off as editing tricks. It’s probably indicative of why there is legal wrangling between teachers union leaders and Project Veritas in a few places over releasing videos like this. (Also, everyone in the ed game knows this stuff is a problem, but most are too scared to say so and/or do the difficult work of balancing legitimate due process concerns with a big step forward here. You know, kids first and all that.)

Charles Steger has passed. Washington Post obit of Ron Wolk, well worth checking out.

Tech will save us…

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