Zernike Vapes, Duncan Writes, Grad Rates, Financial Incentives, Budget Dogs, School Naming, Time Capsules And Timeless, More!

Max Marchitello cautions that financial incentives alone are not enough to address the ed sector’s challenges with recruiting and retaining teachers from diverse backgrounds.

Kate Zernike on the vaping beat.

Arne Duncan is not wrong about the trajectory of progress on education. Still enormous problems but the idea that nothing has worked or we’ve spent billions and nothing has come of it simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and is a counterproductive thing for public school advocates to say anyway. I’d also agree that even more than capacity and lack of a coherent knowledge agenda, politics is the number one barrier to improving schools. Not sure though, in a democracy, I’d want it any other way despite the headaches.

Womp womp womp….

Food stamp timing and student achievement.

Worth your time to read this CAP analysis on graduation rates and some of the problems / lack of transparency with how states handle diplomas.

As predicted, mass teacher strikes becoming a thing. Good reminder as Janus looms that things rarely are as linear in this sector as is sometimes assumed. Good offense / best defense, or something like that. Former Massachusetts teachers union chief Paul Toner on all this.

Related bonus for the unions: All of this is helping leadership distract from some very real tensions in their ranks around the student discipline issue.

New guidelines for how OCR will handle serial complaints.

This Rick Hess/Grant Addison idea is mischievous.

Today in school naming. Today in donation gaps.

High school time capsule in Richmond. Here’s a speech that still stands up a half century later.

Bettye Layette has a new album out. Here’s some past work.

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