Multi-Agency Coordination – More Exciting Than It Sounds! Dropout Data, Charter Growth, Getting Outside (Or Not), Esports, Charters, And More!

Hailly Korman on muti-agency coordination, why it matters for kids, and why schools are key. Here’s a longer Bellwether paper on this question released this week.

Did you know there are more college dropouts than high school ones? It’s true. Chad Aldeman on that.

Lina Bankert responds to Derrell Bradford on charters.

Sara Mead on the new “Power to the Profession” report.


Flying blind on higher ed.

Get kids outside. But that’s going to be harder to do when stuff like this is happening.

This is an actual press release.

Millennials and literature via a second generation education personality.

Charter schools get their just desserts! No, charter school deserts via Fordham.

The wayback machine on school choice.

Charter schools and discipline.

This is not a good signal for the teachers unions – and some evidence in their own polling that a Janus ruling is going to allow a not-insignificant share of their members who are either disengaged or discontented to bail out.

Feather theft.

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