Lousy Impact Aid Ideas, Romy Drucker, Tom Edsall, Bill Hughes, And Chad Aldeman Has Dragons. More!

Chad Aldeman and Arun Ramanathan on the “Silver Tsunami.” Bonus Game of Thrones references.

Romy Drucker on union organizing in charter schools.

This idea of turning Impact Aid into a voucher program completely misunderstands why Impact Aid exists and is the kind of idea that discredits school choice rather than advances it. If people want a voucher program for military families – not a totally off the wall idea given concerns about the quality of schools around some military facilities, then do that. But that requires new dollars not raiding Impact Aid.

This Tom Edsall analysis of intra-Dem tensions has some implications for education politics and policy.

Bill Hughes debriefs a school failure in Memphis.

A lot of interesting information in this CSGF annual report.

Wendy Kopp interview.

Rick Hess and Amy Cummings on Oklahoma teacher pay.

Tift Merritt.

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