Is Teacher Prep Improving? Plus Pearson, Chu, NCTQ, & Anderson. More!

Some education types on this list of women changing Silicon Valley – including New Schools alums Wayee Chu and Jennifer Carolan of Reach Capital. 

ICYMI – concerns about the NAEP modality with the shift to digital. NAGB says they’re on top of it, a lot of skepticism out there that goes beyond just state chiefs complaining.

Pearson efficacy reports out.

Cami Anderson on the discipline debate. Here she is with Soledad O’Brien on the same issue.

Noah Smith on why education matters beyond the credential.

NCTQ’s Teacher Prep Review is updated with new data.

David Crane on pension crowd out. That’s a debate coming to more places soon.

A lot of Nation at Risk remembrances going on – and some revisionist history.  I’d recommend checking out the relevant parts of Lou Cannon’s Reagan bio for a good take of how it happened at the time.

No cellphones in school? No problem. Go vinyl.

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