High-Potential/Low-Income Students, Voucher Irony, Use The Quiet Car! More….

High-potential but low-income students are getting lost in the crowd, Tim Daly on that.

Times ethicist sums up the school choice debate:

If you just think the voucher program is bad policy, then join the campaign against it. That’s the right way to voice your judgments about the merits of educational policy. You don’t want to sacrifice your son’s education to abstract principle, especially given that you’re not going to end the voucher program by failing to make use of it.

This would make a great Peggy Noonan column: When you can’t even plot strategy in the First Class car on Acela without people eavesdropping on your call then all of our social norms are truly gone. 

“Crowd out” from pension and benefit costs is a real issue – but if it becomes partisan that’s going to make it even harder to solve.

Wasted and Rolling.  Office lizard.

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