Denver 2008 V. Denver 2018, Plus Lots Of Finance: Pensions, State Spending, Omnibus Bill. And The Great 8 DIY’s, New Line, Sup’t Searches, Food Searches, More!

Edujobs below, scroll down the main page.

Kirsten Schmitz with some background and context on pensions and the teacher walkouts. Chad Aldeman on pension reform in Kentucky.

This is a smart take on the geezer war and what it means for debates over teacher pay. I’ve been doing this work for a couple of decades and the relative shift in state spending on Medicaid and schools is one of the most pronounced changes over that time.

Speaking of money, don’t miss this webinar on the federal omnibus led by Whiteboard’s David DeSchryver. Thursday at 2pm.

Help wanted.

Denver innovation 2008. Denver innovation 2018.

This EverFi initiative is interesting. And I think Alexander Ovechkin writes his own quotes.

New issue of The Line is out.

I was wondering when someone was going to write this story – school gun clubs are pretty popular and pretty widely ignored in a debate about guns and schools that’s mostly coastal.

Today in pensions: Don’t do this.

“I think there are a lot of wealthy, lazy kids that don’t want to go down the elevator to pick up food,” he said.

Wild elephant. Wild Horses.

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