West Virgina Strike Over Not Over! Guns On Campus, Prayer On Campus, Weeby, Kaplan, Mink Profile, More DC…NZ Charter Pushback Plus More!

Marnie Kaplan on getting beneath the label on the pre-k teachers and bachelor’s degree debate. In a new paper Jason Weeby takes a look at human centered design and policymaking.

I reviewed a Tedeschi Trucks show for GratefulEd, the America Succeeds music site.

Here’s a lot of data on the gun issue, including more support for arming teachers than you might think. Marilyn Rhames wants to arm teachers – with prayer.

Are active shooter drills doing more harm than good for kids? I tend to think so and wish we provided more training or adults on the variety of situations, including non-gun ones, they may encounter and spun up the kids a little less.

We keep hearing how the founders would have been OK with guns in schools, or if we can’t be sure then all we have to go on is the 2nd Amendment. Actually, their views on this are not such a mystery.

Speaking of the founders, Ron Berger on what Jefferson might have thought of #MDSStrong.

New chancellor in New York City. It’s an interesting choice and not the teachers’ unions favorite option. Update: He’s changed his mind. It’s not the first NYC chancellor near miss.

The 74 profiles Patsy Mink.

West Virginia teacher strike is over. Wait, not so fast! 

More enrollment trouble in DC?

Checking in on the New Zealand charter school debate. Plus video!

Try it on yourself: Tedeschi Trucks Capitol Theater 2-20-18.

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