DeVos In Trump No-Man’s Land? ESSA Assessments, Student Growth Measures, Pensions, Incarcerated Youth, Ed Ideas, Emergency Goalie, More!

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Bonnie O’Keefe says don’t expect much from the ESSA assessment pilot – and that might not be the worse thing. Kate Pennington on student growth measures in the ESSA era.

Chad Aldeman and I looked at why teacher pensions are a bad fit for today’s teachers and what can be done for Democracy.

As Trump churn continues it’s worth noting that the President seems to favor people who perform well on TV – a CNBC personality and Fox analyst for two senior White House roles in just the past couple of weeks. And a guy who is good in front of the camera to run the VA. That’s probably not great news for Betsy DeVos who no one is going to accuse of giving great interviews. She’s not one of the out of sight cabinet secretaries doing their thing under the radar – when is the last time you heard about Rick Perry or Elaine Chao? Even Linda McMahon is keeping a low-profile. DeVos is neither low-profile or competent on Trump’s favorite medium -TV. That’s a no-mans land that’s not a great place to be in this administration it seems.

Your episodic reminder that schools are pretty safe.

California innovating with education for incarcerated individuals. Florida implementing reforms for incarcerated youth.

CAP has seven education ideas for progressives in 2018. Conservatives are all about parsimony so they’ll have five ideas to respond? No, wait, wait, that’s wrong, they’re talking up education funding now.

“A few hours ago I was sitting on the computer typing on a 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys having just finished 14½ minutes of N.H.L. hockey,”

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