Aldeman On CO, Green On Discipline, Chetty, Leonhardt, SAT/ACT And High School Testing, More!

Chad Aldeman on Colorado pension debate:

“it’s clear that not only should Colorado teachers be given an option to join the PERA –DC plan already offered to state employees, but that plan should be the default for all new teachers.”

David Leonhardt points out that college aspirations remain high among parents. Important column given the tenor of the education conversation lately.

Here’s a student free speech issue.

Underneath this political back and forth about whether the Obama discipline guidance contributed to the Parkland shooting – best I can tell the fact of that episode are a poor fit with the idea that guidance contributed – there is a serious conversation about discipline, the guidance, and a complicated basket of issues. Thoughtful Times look at that via Erica Green.

And here’s the sobering Chetty paper you’ve been hearing about this week.

New study on online ed for adults.

This is an important issue and California is a key battleground given its outsized importance:

The “danger” is that the SAT or ACT will distort teachers’ priorities, driving them to “water down” high school math content or “narrowly focus on a limited range of skills” in English language arts, Achieve said.

Short book review. This is really not a good children’s book.

Voices Carry. Voices Carry.

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