Janus Is Coming! A Teen Suicide Crisis Is Already Here. Pension Math And Pension Scandals, Charter Analyses, JeffUVA News, NM Profile, More!

Axios and The 74 are hosting a forum with governors tomorrow morning in DC (the NGA’s winter meetings are starting). Via The 74 today, I want to hear about schools, and guns, but also this:

At the same time, suicide rates for young people are soaring — nearly 5,500 lives lost in 2015. You’ve heard a lot about the flu and school shootings the past few weeks. Yet today, for people ages 15 to 24, suicide is a far more likely cause of death than those problems plus all other diseases put together. Only accidents claim more 15- to 24-year-old lives. And suicide is the third-leading cause of death for kids 10 to 14. One issue need not be pitted against the other — both demand attention — and gun policy and suicides are keenly related. But it’s worth remembering that suicide is claiming 15 times as many young lives as all the school shooting deaths since Columbine — each year. We should hear more about it from the nation’s leaders.

Whole scene setter for the event here.

Max Marchitello on some rough pension math in Massachusetts.

The Florida teachers pension fund AR investment is awkward but not the real scandal with that state’s teacher pension system.

The teachers unions should put Eugene Volokh on retainer, he’s making the strongest case against Janus out there. And there is a case waiting after Janus, too. By the way, “We can no longer take for granted our membership,” is a really terrible message.

And it looks the New Jersey teachers union has the whip hand again. 

The state pushing and shoving on the new 529 policy continues.

Big news from JeffUVA. More color via EdSurge.

Race and housing.

Janice K. Jackson profile.

People are upset at David Coleman. Read the actual email.

The Chiefs are launching a public coalition and campaign on state work. And here’s a profile of what’s happened in New Mexico.

This article about a federal investigation isn’t that surprising – outside groups are often involved, not surprisingly people tend to get worked up about the groups they don’t agree with. But the ACLU sure is hostile to school choice…

CREDO eval of the New Orleans charter restart strategy. Are we still allowed to say productivity? Here’s a look at charter school productivity.

And charters and unionization, new data, trends might surprise you.

“The bite was hot.”

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