Uh…About That Unconference Invite…Opportunity Culture Rocking, Spec Ed Evading, Some Evidence Using? Hailly Korman Talks To Randy Farber, Today In Betsy DeVos, Pot Policy, More!

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Not a lot to say about what President Trump said yesterday (and it really doesn’t matter if he was talking about Haiti and Africa or just African countries, that’s not the crux point) other than to note there was a time when even opponents of more liberal immigration policies realized America was a beacon in the world. And, however imperfectly, America has been a place of hope and opportunity and building an unum from e pluribus. Schools, especially public schools, played an imperfect but important role in that, too. Schools will also be impacted by America’s rapidly shrinking role in the world, this isn’t a sideshow.

Hailly Korman talks with Randy Farber about supporting adjudicated students.

ICYMI – I think raw water is the cocktail for our age. And I’m old enough to remember when everyone thought ESSA was great.


The next time you get invited to an unconference, they’re popular in education lately, you might want to ask a few questions first.

There can be this idea that nothing works – and there is plenty to learn in this sector – but we do find things that work a lot – here’s an example from Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture work that’s great to see. The politics in this sector hold things back as much as the lack of knowledge.

One of the things we did at RealClearEducation and now at 74 is a really fun series giving the Opportunity Culture teachers a chance to write about their work and share what they liked and were learning.

Another new report: Results For America on evidence use in ESSA plans. There is at least one example per state, that’s the good or bad news, depending on your perspective.

Texas special education trouble.

Fensterwald breaks down California Governor Brown’s education budget.

The confusing and evolving status of marijuana legalization is going to create a lot of issues for schools. Pot policy and school policy is a sleeper issue that will demand some attention.

Today in Betsy DeVos. Part 1. And Part 2.

Puss N Boots and Neil Young, “Down By The River.”

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