An Open-Letter To The Rock

Hailly Korman and I pen (pixel?) an open letter in The 74 to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. He might be Mr. President The Rock one day soon – and he’d certainly be an improvement on the status quo. Johnson is into juvenile justice and has some great ideas on it but we urge him to balance love with tough in the “tough love” approaches that are in vogue and he favors.

3 Replies to “An Open-Letter To The Rock”

  1. The open letter which has been sent to the Rock and in this letter it has been stated that he would be the president soon and they know the real respect for him and they are seeing the real qualities in him at which they are selecting him as a president and some of the tasks were much relevant to it and on that basis they can evaluate the performance of Dwayne Johnson and there are some other things which can be more essential in it.

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