Teacher Pensions- Behind The Rhetoric, In The Betsy Bunker, Rhames On The Year Since The Panic, CZI & College Board Collaborate, More!

The hot debate over teacher pensions centers on phony issues – “gold-plated” pensions versus taxpayers or greedy hedge fund managers versus teachers. In fact, the real problem is that today’s teacher pensions don’t work very well for actual teachers. Chad Aldeman and Kelly Robson with more on that.

In The 74 I took a look at the Betsy DeVos bunker approach to engagement with the field she is now helping to lead.

Marilyn Rhames on a year since last year’s New Schools Panic at the Pondiscio.

Chan-Zuckerburg collaborating with College Board on personalized learning pathways for post-secondary prep. A few reasons this matters. Big bet from CZI, first really big one I’m aware of. And, it further rounds out the College Board’s pivot from just being a test provider to being an organization that is “clearing a path” for young people as its CEO David Coleman likes to say.

Angaleena Presley’s new album, “Wrangled” is out. Too good for radio so check her out.

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