DeVos Should Come Off Script

Betsy DeVos isn’t out in public a lot – and when she is it’s pretty scripted stuff. That’s hurting her politically, it’s not good for the agency she leads, but more than that it’s not good for our field. I take a look at that in The 74 this morning.

…As it turned out, President Bush agreed. One morning my cell phone rang, and he was on the other end, calling from his car and ready to talk about No Child Left Behind and education politics…

…I thought of this episode the other day listening to accounts of Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s beleaguered education secretary, doing yet another staged event. This time it was an ed tech conference with a friendly interviewer and largely friendly audience. Still, the reviews from her friends and sympathizers were as harsh as the views of her critics…

You can read the entire column here.  I live on both sides of the notepad, so I ask myself questions all the time. But you can tweet me your questions for DeVos @arotherham.

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  1. I read the full column, and while a supporter of Sec. DeVos, in general, I think it entirely fair. She has to be willing and able to speak, unscripted, about major issues in education and what, specifically, she is trying to achieve. It is not only part of the job, but essential to it.

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