Trump’s Budget, Small And Not Bold, Gulen, Flynn, And Charter Advocacy, Wells On Start-Ups, Hill On Vouchers, Marchitello Sees Opportunity. Bold Racooon! More…

Bellwether’s Mary Wells with some advice on start-ups and being an entrepreneur. Max Marchitello says Trump may give progressives an opportunity to regroup.

Turns out former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s firm is behind the anti-charter campaign the Turkish government has been waging and that anti-charter activists and think tanks here gleefully picked up. Stay classy everyone!

The President’s budget proposal is out. Big cuts proposed to education and a few large programs including after-school and Title II and it includes what looks like a Title I portability pilot as well as a private voucher pilot. But small increase for public charter schools relative to school choice overall – even though just creating more good public schools via chartering is both the most obvious and the best strategy to expand educational opportunity we have. The budget also cuts education programs elsewhere, including at NASA. And cuts across government in general. Budgets go through a lot of twists and turns but this is not a great opening bid for a serious forward looking budget framework. It’s striking in its lack of imagination, creativity, or boldness.

Bottom line, if you don’t like the President’s meat habits you’ll really hate the budget request.

Paul Hill on vouchers. Rethinking CTE in Detroit. Guns in schools.

Ladner on the disconnect between charter policy and NAEP scores.

Don’t drink box wine. Or something.

AIR has an ESSA website to track what’s going on.

This raccoon is not a bank robber.

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