Trump’s Budget Cuts, Reading, ICE And Schools, Endrew F, Ian Rowe, Rick Perry And A & M, Suspension Debate, Maryland Debate, A Lot Of Jalen And More!

Kate Pennington says Trump’s call to cut Title II funding should instead open up a discussion about how to spend it.  Sarah Silverman and Elizabeth Combs say the cuts are a mistake.

From where I sit this about covers the Hanna Skandera situation.

Miami Sup’t Alberto Carvalho says no ICE in the schools there.  See NYC, too. The political reality is that if you’re a school system CEO in many parts of the country and you’re not saying this then you’re way out of step.  I’m very sympathetic on a human level and not that long ago even conservatives who wanted much tougher immigration rules wanted it done in a way that didn’t wreak havoc on families or adversely impact kids. Times have changed and both compassion and a tacit understanding of some grey areas seems to have evaporated. Hopefully, ICE would/will show some restraint rather than brinksmanship and painting anyone into a corner – we’re talking about schools here after all. And creating a situation where school officials have to openly defy legal orders isn’t something you want to force if you can avoid it. Remember back when the Obama Administration issued a guidance on transgender students and bathroom access and some state officials said no way we will enforce this? People cheering school officials now jeered them then. And vice versa. This is dangerous ground.

More than the minimum. SCOTUS unanimous in the Endrew F case on IDEA quality (pdf). The Times links it to the Gorsuch confirmation debate. Behind the scenes a lot of speculation about what this might mean for already pressured special education finance. The SCOTUS decision, penned by Chief Justice Roberts, made clear it’s not a blank check but there will be implications.

Nevada ESA data and debate.

Really provocative Ian Rowe on reading, myopia, and reform.

Suspensions are down, discuss!

Maryland is debating ESSA accountability. And this Baltimore charter school is struggling. I’m leery of grand theories of why schools thrive or struggle – the work is difficult and contingent on a host of factors. That said, hard to miss that these ed school sponsored charters have a rough record. All these ideas work great in theory but sometimes not so well in practice?

Edsall on “soft skills” and character.

Department of silver linings: The Trump presidency is just filled with teachable moments!

Energy Secretary and former Texas Governor Rick Perry is questioning the validity of the presidential election – the one at Texas A & M.

Two things about Jalen Rose. A lot of kids are named after him, and that will make many readers feel old. He also launched a charter school in Michigan.

Moose ball.

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  1. It is unfortunate that Douglas County failed to pursue additional lines of argument in their case, particularly that treatment for phobias, climbing on other students, and preventing him from running away are mental health services, rather than educational services. However, it is a good thing that the strictest standard proposed by the plaintiffs was rejected. In short, IEPs continue to require a custom solution for each student, you can’t just say greater than zero progress.

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