STEM, SCOTUS Special Ed Dissents, Charter Growth, Discipline With Cami Anderson, Remediation With Checker Finn, Hockey Dog! Plus More!

I talked with Ron Ottinger of STEM Next about STEM, equity, and what he wants to see happen.

Non-discriminatory laws are key to a dynamic business climate these days – but so are great public schools and some choice for parents amongst them. The Richmond Times-Dispatch makes that point in relation to the veto of a bill that would have slightly expanded charter schooling in Virginia.

Nationally charter growth is slowing, a lot of theories about why. Here’s Ben Lindquist.

Guys, you’ll never believe this..the Trump Department of Education is off to a slow start. 

Kalman Hettleman dissents from the CW that last week’s SCOTUS decision was a big win for students with disabilities. Robin Lake mostly concurs in the dissent.

Last week I mentioned CSU’s new approach to remediation. Checker Finn is not a fan and sees a broader problem.

Cami Anderson on discipline.

RAND on open source through the lens of EngageNY.

Cornfield steamships full of stuff.  STEM, amok. Kevin Kosar went fly fishing. This dog just wants to play hockey.

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