Smith Honored, Rhames Vouches, Moskowitz Talks, Plus More On Schools And Immigration, KIPP – UFT Lawsuit, Betsy Arons Says Ditch The NY Test, Good Stories And More!

It’s Friday and Kevin Kosar caught a trout, but you have to go to Twitter to see it. Scroll down this page for several edujobs that are open now.

UNC honors Preston Smith and their magazine talks with him. Marilyn Rhames on the pro-voucher reality for a lot of parents.

Yesterday I mentioned the unique and tacit role of schools around immigration enforcement. Politico with a lot more on that today. Homeland Security officials saying the status quo of not doing enforcement actions around schools absent extraordinary circumstances will remain in effect.

Eva Moskowitz interview via Chalkbeat. Deep dive on KIPP v. UFT suit. And Betsy Arons says that New York made the right move by dropping its literacy test.

Quick overview of the budget bidding from Whiteboard’s David Deschryver.

All this can be yours for about $47K a year.

That Time Sturgill Simpson Gave Me His Door Money.

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