Books! Plus Trump Budget, Ohio ESSA, KIPP – UFT Legal Wrangling, ICE And Schools, Autism And Sesame Street, More!

It’s March 20th, spring is coming! On this date in 1852, the abolitionist classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin was first published as a serial. Today the book is controversial because of some of its language and portrayals and sometimes is part of fights about what students should read in school. But in the 19th-Century it was considered subversive and widely credited with helping the abolitionist cause. It’s said that President Lincoln called Harriet Beecher Stowe the woman who started the war but like many quotes attributed to Lincoln it’s unlikely he actually said it. Still, Stowe’s work trailed only the Bible in sales as a 19-Century bestseller. 

Don’t forget to check out for the latest on that issue. And here are 16 still timely education policy ideas if you’re looking to get something done.

Ohio is hitting pause on its ESSA plan.  KIPP and UFT are tangling over union representation there.

Gerard Robinson on reactions to President Trump’s budget proposal: Sure, the president is punching you in the face but he’s also giving you this nice vanilla wafer! Mark Keieleber looks at the ICE/sanctuary/schools issue. Sandy Kress says they’re lowering the bar in Texas.

New muppet on Sesame Street, Julia, and she’s autistic as part of Sesame’s focus on that issue.

Policy thinker and reinventing government maven David Osborne has written a novel of historical fiction, The Coming. It’s based on the life of Daytime Smoke, the Nez Perce child of Virginia explorer William Clark. Compelling story but the novel bogs down in places when Daytime Smoke tries to reorganize the bureaucratic operations of the various Native American tribes in the west. OK, no, that doesn’t happen. This is an interesting work of historical fiction and a cool new direction for David. Check it out!

Mike Petrilli on Eureka Math. 

Sweet story on reading the weather.

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