Is President Trump’s Education Agenda At Odds With His Rural Base? Plus Teacher Evals, DeVos Theater, Pondiscio, SCOTUS Prospects, John Kent Cooke. And More!

In USAT Max Marchitello sees a disconnect between President Trump’s rural political strength and his education policies. Chad Aldeman with some texture on teacher evaluations and the eval debate. 

Betsy DeVos situation in a nutshell via Dana Goldstein’s first NYT reporting outing:

“Poor Mrs. DeVos is a victim of her poor performance in her hearing,” [Russ  Whitehurst] said, “but also of broader political theater.”

Fight wrapping up today. Or just starting? Anyway, big day for the bear defense industry, or something. Not our sector’s finest hour.

The 74 takes a look at Neil Gorsuch’s record and possible education implications if he is confirmed for the Supreme Court.

Related: Friedrichs-like cases already in the courts but what might be the official Friedrichs 2.0 kicked off yesterday.

Cameo by Bellwether’s Hailly Korman in this Vox look at the SCOTUS landscape post-Garland.

Pondiscio on race, social justice and education reform.

Interesting John Kent Cooke profile.

Badass STEM projects. 

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