Gorsuch On Education, Pennington On Evals, Pensions, Bellwether Analysis, KIPP Surveys, And More!

Kate Pennington on the recent NCTQ teacher evaluation report.  Here’s Pennington and Sara Mead on evals in their recent Bellwether analysis (pdf). 

Couple of resources to highlight from Bellwether. The Learning Landscape is an overall look at American K-12 education and how it works and what it’s doing. Great resource for anyone trying to get up to speed on some of the contours. Given the attention on Betsy DeVos and her record we prepared a deck looking at K-12 education in Michigan – and the charter questions in particular (pdf). And here is our overall look at the state of charter schooling in American, successes, problems, and some analysis on what’s next (pdf).

We can do deep dives on any of these for your state or city – public field facing ones like these or proprietary research and analysis. Just reach out to learn more.

Not surprisingly there is an education paper trail for President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Ed Week looks at all that. Gorsuch dissented in an interesting case involving discipline of a middle school student. And he cited Oliver Twist to make his point. His dissent is at the end here and is worth reading (pdf).

KIPP alumni survey (pdf). A lot of interesting data here.

Pension finance and pension politics.

Skills, higher education, and the workforce. More complicated than you may have heard.

Government Mule and Grace Potter. In fairness, everyone gets frustrated with cyclists from time to time.

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