DeVos And Transgender Bathroom Policy, Plus Rural And Pensions!

President Trump didn’t undo DACA but he may be about to rollback the Obama Administration expansion of Title IX in the transgender bathroom issue. Carolyn Phenice explains the complexities surrounding the executive action and the court cases that are sorting out this contentious issue.

Important: Betsy DeVos is apparently not on board but isn’t going to resign over it.

In case you missed it, as part of our ongoing rural education work Bellwether spent some time in Oklahoma listening to education stakeholders there.

New NCTQ – Ed Counsel look at pension debt. The fiscal problems are real, and states ought to pay their bills, but the debate about all that overlooks the core structural problem: Only one in five teachers qualifies for a full pension anyway. More than half don’t get one at all. More on all that here.

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