DeVos Takes! Kaplan On Head Start And Zip Codes, Whiteboard Insiders On Student Loans, Maryland, MA, BIE, And Rugged Individualism And Edu. Plus Conrad Anker, Commencement Speaker And More…

At the top: Betsy DeVos still likes vouchers. But her finances are a more complicated issue. Also, Betsy DeVos is a breath of fresh air says her hometown paper. Betsy DeVos will destroy all that is good says Newsweek. LGBT issues remain questions a lot of people want answers on.

Here’s a sign that DeVos/Trump are sucking up a lot of oxygen: A state is considering dropping a Common Core test and there is no circus.


Marnie Kaplan on Head Start and residency.

Native students suing the BIE. It’s startling how few equity conversations include native students. Enormous oversight and another sign of the myopia that even the reform world suffers from around equity.

Whiteboard’s Education Insiders on possible changes and fixes on student loans (pdf).

There has been some interesting innovation happening quietly in Springfield, MA. Not so quiet anymore! (pdf).

Can donors help improve the free speech climate on campus? For Maryland schools Buzzy Hettleman says it might be war!

Is rugged individualism dead, and what does that mean for education?

The Jefferson Education Accelerator at UVA is partnering with Branching Minds. The Koch Foundation is teaming up with HBCU’s around criminal justice and education.

Today in graduation speeches I’d like to hear.

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