DeVos Debate! Plus Michigan Ed Facts, Robson On Zip Codes Plus, Tim Daly Deals Floor Mats, Title IX And Sexual Assault, Harvard’s Money, NCTQ And Fordham’s Reports, Plus More!

You want Michigan education facts? We’ve got Michigan education facts! Handy guide to DeVos claims/counterclaims right here (pdf). Also, Kelly Robson on why addressing zip code disparities is necessary but not sufficient. 

Sara Mead on Betsy DeVos and nuance (plus Michigan!).

Trump team gets a TFA/KIPP alum with progressive instincts to join their education team. I remain skeptical given what is their apparent instinct to focus on taxes for education reform rather than put out a serious choice/reform package (not to mention all the bonkeroo things the President and some of his senior staff have said in the past few days), but this is an interesting move.

I’m also skeptical about Betsy DeVos’ prospects in the Secretary of Education role given what running a cabinet agency actually involves – she will need a strong team. But, people are now trying to smear DeVos as a nazi. This is being circulated by people who should know better. She is not a nazi or nazi sympathizer. Also hard to miss all the casual sexism that seems to accompany the debate over her nomination. Stay classy everyone!

For a more serious take on some real concerns here’s Bob Pianta, the Dean of the Curry School at UVA, coming out against DeVos.

As for DeVos, she pledged this week to enforce special education law. Bottom line: When you’re pledging that you will enforce federal special education law then something went wrong.  She’s still a slight betting favorite though, for confirmation. Party line kind of thing. No sign Rs are weakening and no political downside for Dems.

The NEA said that DeVos supports an agenda that will,

“undermine public schools and colleges, the teaching education professionals, and education unions.”

No, wait, that’s what they said about Arne Duncan. They’re not supporting DeVos either though…

Anyway, just a reminder for when the dust settles, here’s a bunch of education policy ideas, big and small, on a host of issues from food to mentoring to choice and federal grant programs (pdf).

So, sure, the picture art with this article makes it look as though Tim Daly is asking this man, “what do I have to do to get you into a new car today…that blue Camry out there is priced to move…” But it’s an important article and a really cool initiative. If you’re not following the work of Ed Navigator you should be. Big idea and great people.

New report on juvenile justice from Los Angeles and what’s possible with collaboration by Bellwether’s Hailly Korman and other stakeholders.

Fordham on new teachers and retirement systems. NCTQ with a blockbuster on teacher evals and the ongoing issues.

New book on campus sexual assault and Title IX. Will be influential. This issue seems poised to explode once the Trump team settles in and starts making policy on education issues.  Endowments may also be on the agenda, Harvard just make a move on theirs.  This is a little like government outsourcing though, shell game on who is doing the work for how much money.

Peter Cunningham responds to Andy Smarick on the SIG eval debate, which is the next stage in the SIG debate.  We discussed this the other day here.

Allman Brothers cover Into The Mystic.  And, “do you have any Allman Brothers?”

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