Betsy DeVos, DACA, Teachers Unions, Pensions, and Twinkies! Plus BLM, Michigan Edu, And More!

We’ve talked about the frenemies problem with teachers pensions and private equity / hedge funds. The teachers unions rail against hedge funds but are also a big source of investment dollars for private equity and hedge fund investments. Max Marchitello takes a look at the Twinkies case and its lessons 

Kate Pennington and Bonnie O’Keefe on some Michigan myths and realities around education. New Bellwether analysis takes a look at the fact base on Michigan schools (pdf) to help sort out the various claims and counterclaims swirling around because of the DeVos debate.

As many assumed, DACA repeal not a priority for President Trump. But this points up a dynamic that will matter a lot in the coming years – some on the Hill will see this issue (and others differently). On DACA concerns range from the policy itself to just the mechanism that brought it into existence.  Votes probably not there, certainly not in the Senate, but Trump is sucking up so much oxygen that people are forgetting that (a) he’s a politician now and (b) the Hill will be pushing on their priorities and sending them to him.

The picture of the grizzly bears all showing up for an IEP meeting that is floating around social media is sort of funny in an absurd way. But everyone knows grizzlies only have 504 plans.

Educations/schools will be a piece of the infrastructure package Senate Democrats are rolling out. 

Philly schools debating BLM.

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