U.S. News: Put Kids First

You may have noticed that education reformers have become pretty focused on adult issues – and that was before this election and all the complexity it brings. It’s not left or right, on a host of issues it’s everyone. Rough times ahead? I take a look at that in U.S. News & World Report today:

Give the school reform world credit: In the 1990s, reformers promised efficiency and they have more than delivered. It took the education establishment more than a century to build norms and politics focused overwhelmingly on what mattered to adults rather than what was good for kids. The reform world pulled it off in less than a quarter century.

Congratulations everyone!

….The next few years will be rocky ones for an education reform community that now has more in common than it likes to think with the norms and culture it set out to disrupt not all that long ago.

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