Slow News Day – A Few Links, But Massachusetts Charters A Pitched Battle! Plus, Kosar’s Navy

Everyone is holding their breath for tomorrow, refreshing their favorite political sites. Not a lot happening.

Politico looks at the student loan debt relief issue – it’s an important issue by itself and then also illustrative of a range of things that will be caught up in transition between administrations.

The Times looks at the stakes in Massachusetts with the charter referendum. Here’s a Massachusetts pol explaining their change of views on this issue. And here’s Nat Malkus in RealClearEducation on what’s going on with Massachusetts charters.

Here is a New Jersey parent on the LIFO suit there.

Penn on the run from the Trumps:

Recently, Huntsman attended a Board of Trustees meeting, where he ventured a joke: “I remember sitting in this meeting twenty years ago, and the great lament was: We don’t have enough Penn people running for politics at the highest level!”

Kevin Kosar now has a boat. Does Ali Fuller need to step up her game?

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